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Aluminium Casting

These are our techniques.

To make your product exactly the way you want it, we use various techniques.

Large or small production runs, simple or complex shapes, with the techniques we use we can get it done.

Injection molding is a casting process that is performed in a machine in a fully automatic manner.

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The process begins by connecting two die halves together, one of which has a spray inlet. The liquid metal is then injected into the die at high pressure (between 0.3 to 7 bar). The casting cools afterwards and is ejected when the dies are opened.

Because the mold is usually made of steel, injection molding is well suited for metals with low melting points such as, aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and other non-ferrous metals.

To ensure streamlined production, we use advanced technologies and digital simulations.

By mapping out production in advance, problems can be remedied in the future.

This way, we are ahead of the curve and more certain of a trouble-free production process.

The evolution of the aluminum casting

Aluminum castings go through a number of changes to eventually arrive at the ideal finished product.