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Production China

Accommodating production in China requires a completely different approach than the way we work in Europe. Many entrepreneurs have experience with China as a production country, both positive and negative ... China has a different culture and totally different customs than we are used to in Europe, which means that misunderstandings and frustration on both sides can occur regularly. Annoying for you as a customer and maybe even unworkable because of it.

We have been working in and with this culture for almost 20 years and have built a reliable network. Of course, we cannot change the fact that there is a Chinese New Year and that factories are closed during this period. But, we can take into account all factors that play in China and protect you from unexpected and unpleasant surprises. Manufacturing in China has quite a few advantages, if you know how to handle it.

Much has been said and written about production in China, we will show you the advantages, guarantee the quality and make sure you don't run any risks.

You can request a quotation from us without any obligation. We will then give you a price quote for the parts or combination of parts that you want to have produced. If the price is right we will take care of the production and transport without any further worries. Production in China can be a very good addition to your business, we will take care of that!