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Assembly, distribution and storage


We offer the possibility to further assemble the produced parts or semi-finished parts at our production facilities. Our production partners have complete and up-to-date assembly lines.
If you need to mount some sub-parts to the produced parts, or if there are special packaging requirements for your products, we can help you arrange this. By arranging everything at one place you will save time and costs.

Please feel free to contact us and ask about our possibilities for assembly.

Distribution and storage

When mass production is finished, a quality control check will be done at the factory. We will arrange that the produced parts will be delivered carefree at the requiered delivery address. Our quotation for the parts that need to be produced always include the delivery of the parts at one required location: Free house. In general this means the parts will be send by sea freight. The delivery time is about 5 weeks after completion of the production. If (part of) the production needs to be delivered faster, or if the volume / weight is relatively low, we will check if the shipment can be transported smarter and faster and we will discuss this with you. Thanks to our many years of experience with several reliable logistical partners, we can offer transport by sea, by air and nowadays also by rail. A big advantage of our, so called, free house delivery is that you do not have to think about the necessary (export) documentation, customs formalities and the payment of import taxes, etc. In other words, an all inclusive delivery: We can arrange the transport from our partners in China to your front door or warehouse. If required, we can also provide temporary storage for your parts in our own warehouse in Zwolle.

Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities and a further explanation of our way of working.