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This is how we work on our quality

Quality of your product is our top priority. In order to live up to this, we set up a separate quality control system for each production process.

With tight quality control, customization and personal attention, we can guarantee the quality of your product.

We do everything we can to ensure the quality of your product. We achieve this by working with a thorough quality control system. In consultation with the customer and manufacturer, and based on the supplied drawings, we map out the first technical specifications. The dimensions, tolerances, material specification and revision number are leading. If required, we supplement these specifications with the functionality of the product, aesthetic value, surface treatment, printing possibility, finishing process, packaging material, surface roughness or hardness. Based on all these specifications, we propose the most suitable production method. During the entire production process we closely monitor your project and make adjustments where necessary.

This is what we work with

In collaboration with our production partners, a fully equipped measuring laboratory with calibrated measuring equipment and tools is at our disposal.

In our measurement laboratory, professionals check every step of the production process.

3d meetmachine
Three-dimensional (3D) measuring machine

Precision measurements up to an accuracy of 0.01mm.

Ruwheids machine
Roughness measuring machine

Carrying out roughness measurements, to determine the roughness value on both machines and unprocessed surfaces. 

Hardheids machine
Hardness testing machine

Carrying out hardness measurements, to determine the hardness on both metal and plastic types. 

Salt spray testing machine
Salt spray testing machine

Performing a salt spray test to determine the quality, durability, and any possible occurrence of corrosion of the material.

In our measuring laboratory and before delivering the final product, the quality of the product is inspected on a random basis at each step of the production process (and any subsequent processing) by skilled people. If the essential dimensions do not meet the specifications, we will look for the right solution in consultation with all parties involved.

Calibrated measuring tools

Calibrated measuring tools, including calipers, thread calipers, micrometers, layer thickness meters and an X-RAY machine.

Advanced color research

We have the right equipment for advanced color examination. In this way, we can guarantee the right color for your product.