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By use of prototyping, a first version of your desired product samples can be fabricated. Samples can be manufactured for functional and visual purposes; these are also referred to as proof-of-principle or form-study samples. The offered samples are for the preparation and approval of a FOT (first-out-of-tool) sample and subsequent series production.

Prototyping is preparing for streamlined and trouble-free production, this is where we can play a role.

3D Printing

3D printing is a good way to manufacture visual samples. There are several printing methods to choose from, with FDM printing being the most popular. 3D printing is a process in which a CAD (digital) model is built up layer-by-layer with a selected material. Common material choices for 3D printing are PLA, ABS, PA, PS, or synthetic resin.

Digital rendering

Digital rendering can be used to create photorealistic representations of the product. Before starting the sample process and by using the realistic images, choices can be made regarding the desired material, colors, and proportions of the product in usage situations.